Different paths to recovery

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Different paths to recovery

The first thing I think that you need as a parent, when you are dealing with substance abuse issues, is your own support - extremely important. We seem to focus on the child, but we really need to get support for ourselves to help us navigate this very scary place of, 'Am I going to lose my child to an addiction?' If you recognize that your child does have an addiction, think about how you might be able to address that for yourself and for your child; to access treatment; to access services, and knowing that each child is very different - but I also want to tell you there is hope. I have two sons who have been in long-term recovery, and there were very scary points in their lives where I thought that I might lose them. They both have found their way to recovery in completely different ways. One uses our traditional ceremonies and the protocols around obtaining and maintaining sobriety when you participate in our ceremonies; and that has really helped him to be able to continue on his path and his road to recovery. Now I have another son who found a different way to his recovery and, respecting that, he uses a 12-step process, and he also has a youth recovery community that he participates in that has helped him in obtaining and maintaining his sobriety.

See Shannon Crossbear's video on Different paths to recovery...


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Shannon Crossbear

Native American Elder

Shannon CrossBear is a beautiful, powerful, spiritual Ojibwe and Irish woman. Shannon is an enrolled member of Fort William First Nation of the Lake Superior Ojibwe, which is located in Ontario, Canada.  She has lived on the shores of Lake Superior for the majority of her life and currently resides within the boundaries of the United States in Hovland, Minnesota. Wabagoness, her given name in Ojibwemoin, is a daughter, sister, mother and grandmother. Shannon has been a story teller for an audience of relatives and friends for many years.  As a columnist for the Cook Country News Herald she wrote over 200 hundred article under the heading Mino- Biimadizawin (the good path/life).Her purpose is to demonstrate and promote gentle healing. She expresses her commitment to healing through her business Strongheart Resource Development. Conditions within Ms. CrossBear’s family of origin and community cement her commitment to improving conditions for children, their families and communities.

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