Symptoms, treatment and consequences of Crabs

Learn about: Symptoms, treatment and consequences of Crabs from Diane Tanaka, MD,...
Symptoms, treatment and consequences of Crabs | Kids in the House
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Symptoms, treatment and consequences of Crabs

So Crabs, or pubic lice, are an organism, it's like a parasite that you can get through sexual activity. It requires close personal physical contact in order to contract Crabs or pubic lice. So it usually happens through sexual activity, because it's when you are disrobed and you are rubbing up against another human being. It usually causes symptoms such as itching. That should be the most common symptom that one can experience. So you may notice itching, you may notice a rush. You may actually see the Crabs or the lice present in your pubic hair, because they are visible to the human eyes. So if you see that pretty much have you diagnoses. Some of my patients would actually put them into a jar and bring them to me so that I can see what it is that they've found on their body. Again for diagnosis it's examination from a medical professional and then there are cremes and shampoos that we prescribe that would actually kill the lice and kill their eggs so that you will eradicate the infection and the infestation on your skin. In terms of if you don't get treated at all there isn't really any long term detrimental effects to the body. It's just that you are going to continue to itch, continue to see more lice, you are going to see the eggs that are attached to the hair and you are going to have more symptoms. i don't know if your sexual partner is going to be very happy with you if you are scratching your crotch area all the time and when you get undressed they can see lice in you pubic hair. I don't think for anybody that would be an attractive option. So I would highly recommend if you notice any of these type of symptoms, you see the lice, then go and see your doctor as soon as possible to receive treatment.
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Learn about: Symptoms, treatment and consequences of Crabs from Diane Tanaka, MD,...


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Diane Tanaka, MD

Adolescent Medicine Physician

Dr. Tanaka is an assistant professor of clinical pediatrics and the medical director of the Homeless Adolescent and Young Adult Wellness Center and the MyVOICE Adolescent Transition Program, both at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Dr. Tanaka went to University of California, Davis for medical school and did her residency at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Tanaka's primary speciality is Adolescent Medicine, and her clinical interests include: menstrual disorders, substance use and abuse, and the treatment of sexually transmitted infections. She currently serves at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and was awarded the Barbara Korsch Medical Education Award at CHLA in 2008 and listed in Castle Connely’s directory of top physicians in 2009.

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