Bullying and the internet

Watch Video: Bullying and the internet by Jerry Weichman, PhD, ...
Bullying and the internet | Kids in the House
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Bullying and the internet

Bullying's become so prevalent nowadays because of the internet and smart phones. Technology's greatly increased this and made it pretty rampant because now your kids can go from school to the privacy of their home, to the safety of their own room and then bling, a text pops up: This is what everybody thinks about you. Or somebody posts on their Facebook: Nobody likes you. And then five other people comment that they like that comment. Or Formspring, which is Facebook that's anonymous, people are saying crazy stuff like, "You should just kill yourself," which is something that I hear pretty commonly. So now they can't get away from it. And to me, this is one of the biggest reasons why is because of technology.

Watch Video: Bullying and the internet by Jerry Weichman, PhD, ...


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Jerry Weichman, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Jerry Weichman is a licensed psychologist and adolescent specialist as well as an author, speaker and parenting expert. His clinical practice at Hoag Hospital's Neurosciences Institute in Newport Beach, California provides a window on contemporary teen and pre-teen behavior.

“Dr. Jerry” as his adolescent patients call him, is a young PhD who really relates to teens, speaks their lingo and has felt their pain. Author of the teen survival guide, How to Deal, and noted media expert on teen issues, Dr. Jerry is focused on helping teens cope with parents, teachers, friends and academic pressure, communicating with them in a way they understand to help successfully navigate the dramas and pressures of adolescence.

Dr. Jerry's popular speeches, lectures and seminars have presented assemblies of students, teachers, parents and administrators with practical approaches on how today’s teens can overcome the trials and tribulations of growing up, from coping with bullying to meeting parental academic expectations to walking away from drugs and other self-destructive behaviors. Jerry also sits on the board of directors for the Bullying Prevention Initiative of California and just recently sat on an expert panel for a screening of the documentary Bully.

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