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RIE philosophy

The RIE parent philosophy is centered around perceiving the infant as a whole person from the very beginning and treating this tiny baby as a whole and complete person. This has an effect on how we talk to the baby. We recommend talking to the babies right away, telling them what is happening with their bodies and what we are doing with them. Every time we pick a baby up, we tell the baby, "I'm going to pick you up." We wait a few moments. We wait for them to give us a signal that they are ready. We might even say, "Are you ready?" Then we slowly and gently pick them up. Everything that is going on, that baby is invited to participate in and an equal member of this new world that they are in.

Learn about: RIE philosophy from Janet Lansbury,...


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Janet Lansbury

RIE Parenting Expert

Janet Lansbury is a parenting advisor, writer and teacher. She has served on the board of directors of Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) for over a decade, written childcare articles and been a frequent presenter at early childhood conferences. A former actress/model (Janet Julian), Janet found her true calling when she gave birth to her first child and sought guidance from renowned infant expert Magda Gerber. Inspired and mentored by Gerber in the early 1990s, Janet became a RIE Parent/Infant Guidance Class instructor and has since had the privilege of providing support and guidance to thousands of parents and caregivers throughout Los Angeles. Most recently, she has become a prolific and influential parenting blogger with a worldwide following.

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