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Adopted kids

Well, I don't know if I'd call it training, but for us, we read as much as we could get our hands on. There were a lot of books, we went online and did as much research as we could. I remember one book in particular, "Making Room in OUr Hearts" was something that I'd recommend. We talked to a lot of adoptive families that we were able to get from our attorney, families that he had worked with previously. So we asked a lot of questions of them. And then once we brought our boy into our home, obviously the process going forward, being an adoptive parent, we tried to prepare ourselves by attending a support group locally that we go to monthly. It incorporates the entire adoption, the call it the triad: birth parents, adoptees, and also adoptive parents. And that allows us to get the perspective of everyone, all three parties in the process. And then going forward now, we also try to meet with as many adoptive parents that are in the same circumstances as we are, that we've met through different ways, and just share notes and talk about the process going forward, and it's been really helpful.

Watch Charley Kamen's video on Adoption education and support...


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Charley Kamen

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Charley Kamen is happily married to the love of his life, and is the proud father of an adopted son named Ben. A licensed attorney and businessman, he has also become an accomplished (albeit amateur) conductor of Thomas the Train.

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