Adopting in the US

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Adopting in the US

Well the home study, it's the process by which the state through a social worker evaluates whether you're emotionally and financially ready to parent an adopted child. And for us, the home study wasn't so much difficult as it just was time-consuming. There were elements to it that are a bit of a hassle. But all in all, it's just going through the process and knowing that you can complete it and it takes a little time. For us, actually the positive side to the home study, something that I don't think we would have had the opportunity to do had we not had the home study, is to assess some of those parenting issues that come up for all parents like discipline and whether discipline matches between you and your partner and how you do that in the home. What kind of relationships that you've had in your past that you want to bring into your parenting, and maybe some of those relationships that you want to emulate. I think unless we had to go through the home study and we were being forced to answer those questions, we wouldn't have done so. So I think for that, it was a good opportunity.

Watch Video: Adoption home study by Charley Kamen, ...


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Charley Kamen

Adoptive Dad

Charley Kamen is happily married to the love of his life, and is the proud father of an adopted son named Ben. A licensed attorney and businessman, he has also become an accomplished (albeit amateur) conductor of Thomas the Train.

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