Important adoption resources

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Important adoption resources

When we we're looking into adoption, we really didn't have the resources that people have today with the internet. We had dial-up at our house and we had a lot of books. So we read tons of stuff about adoption. They had a resource section at the back, we would go see that resource section, call the adoption agencies. A lot of the times those agencies were defunct. I remember we went to one agency in particular and by the time we had signed up, a month later, they were closed. So what people have in terms of resources with the internet now is huge. Use those resources, go on the internet and use it. Research which countries are even open, you can Google it. It can be incredibly helpful because it will speed the process up, because frustration for people is 'Wait' and this will speed everything up. You don't want to - If you're following a book, by the time you get there, by the time you have a meeting, they could be closed. In 2001, when we were starting, we didn't have the resources you have today. Definitely take advantage of those resources.

Learn about: Important adoption resources from Langka Treadwell,...


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Langka Treadwell

Adoptive Mom

Langka Treadwell is the mother to seven children adopted from all over the globe. She works and volunteers with organizations affiliated with adoption related issues.

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