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State adoption

I think the advice that I would give to families that are looking to adopt transracially would be to talk to as many people as you can, that have experience in transracial adoption; other adoptive families. There are other organizations, like PACT for example, out of San Francisco, that have a lot of experience and education with transracial families that that can help. I think that half the battle is understanding that there will be issues with transracial adoption, but those issues can be overcome with stressing an open communication between you and your child, so that they always feel free to discuss those issues with you. They always feel that they can come to you with any issue they may have as it relates to being of a different race. I also want to stress, that our transracial makeup is just one piece of who we are as a family. For me and my wife, we couldn't feel more lucky of who our family is and what we will become.

Watch Charley Kamen's video on Transracial adoption advice...


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Charley Kamen

Adoptive Dad

Charley Kamen is happily married to the love of his life, and is the proud father of an adopted son named Ben. A licensed attorney and businessman, he has also become an accomplished (albeit amateur) conductor of Thomas the Train.

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