Transracial adoption strategies

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Transracial adoption strategies

To overcome the challenges of transracial adoption, I think it starts with entering your child's world and incorporating their culture or race into the home, so that they understand that it's a priority in your immediate family. For us, we've prioritized establishing relationships with mentors that's consistent with our child's race, so that he can identify with other's of his race that we are not able to provide. I think as he gets older, it's important to discuss that we want to bring him into those discussion and the difficulties that he may face in the transracial family. Ideally, we just want to leave the discussion open for whenever he may want to bring it up. It's important for us for him to know that he is not tackling these issues alone.

See Charley Kamen's video on Transracial adoption strategies...


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Charley Kamen is happily married to the love of his life, and is the proud father of an adopted son named Ben. A licensed attorney and businessman, he has also become an accomplished (albeit amateur) conductor of Thomas the Train.

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