Adopting a child who is HIV positive

Watch Video: Adopting a child who is HIV positive by Langka Treadwell, ...
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Adopting a child who is HIV positive

A family who chooses to adopt a child with HIV faces a lot of particular medical challenges. They have to be, I believe it is really in their favor to be in a city that is near a good medical facility, that has a program for children with communicable diseases, and can really set them up with a doctor who can walk them through the steps so that they have regiment every day of the medication they need to take. Strangely enough, it's a really manageable disease. Whenever I talk to parents about looking into children with special needs, and more and more people are heading in that direction, I always say, "You know what? Be open. Open your mind to HIV." Because it is a really manageable physical need. Once the kid is on their regiment, they're like every other kid. The other element is a social, emotional element, and this is because they live in the world. And they live in a world where people, even in our community, even in communities all over the U.S. where people are educated, they are not educated on this disease. And they're fearful of it. And I believe that the biggest challenge that these kids are gonna have is not a medical one. It's going to be going into schools where they're rejected, going to prom. And what mom wants their son or daughter to go to prom with the kid who has HIV? I mean, there are irrational and rational fears that go along with this disease. So, I say open your mind to it and there are so many kids out there with this disease that need to be parented, and are amazing.

Watch Video: Adopting a child who is HIV positive by Langka Treadwell, ...


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Langka Treadwell

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Langka Treadwell is the mother to seven children adopted from all over the globe. She works and volunteers with organizations affiliated with adoption related issues.

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