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Meet Beth Zeigler

My name is Beth Zeigler. I'm a professional organizer in Los Angeles. And I live with my fiance and our four animals - Mayor, Figaro, Alvie, and Garbo. Which I often like to quip that four animals equals one child that never grows up, although I know that people would argue with me about that. And in my spare time, I like to Instagram and play music and go running.
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Watch Video: Meet Beth Zeigler by Beth Zeigler, ...


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Beth Zeigler

Professional Organizer

Beth created B•neato Professional Organizing after someone recognized her organizing talents and told her about the National Association of Professional Organizers. Ever since, she's been blogging about getting organized for well-known companies, such as Apartment Therapy and Rubbermaid. Beth's goal is to make getting organized accessible to all which is why she created No Mess No Stress Organizing Boot Camp (which is known in some circles as a work-out for your filing system). When she's not helping clients de-clutter, Beth can be found keeping her busy household in order in Silver Lake, CA.

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