How to organize your kitchen

Professional organizer Beth Zeigler gives her top tips for organizing kitchens
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How to organize your kitchen

So kitchens are a lot of fun. All kitchens are not created equal. So some you have to get very creative with storage solutions. You can do anything from a hanging rack for pots and pans to really utilizing wall space. It's one of my favorite organizing principles goes into play: going vertical. So anytime you can use your wall space or the ceiling for instance to hang things, it's going to be really important. The other thing that I really want to drive home is you don't need every kitchen gadget that comes out. I don't have a toaster. I toast things in the oven. It's just one of those ways that I'm compromising. I would rather have clear counters than a toaster. So it's really just getting comfortable with thinking outside of the box and not falling prey to everything that comes out. And you know, really just try to keep the countertops as sane as possible. And that means again using the walls or maybe purging some.
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Professional organizer Beth Zeigler gives her top tips for organizing kitchens


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Beth Zeigler

Professional Organizer

Beth created B•neato Professional Organizing after someone recognized her organizing talents and told her about the National Association of Professional Organizers. Ever since, she's been blogging about getting organized for well-known companies, such as Apartment Therapy and Rubbermaid. Beth's goal is to make getting organized accessible to all which is why she created No Mess No Stress Organizing Boot Camp (which is known in some circles as a work-out for your filing system). When she's not helping clients de-clutter, Beth can be found keeping her busy household in order in Silver Lake, CA.

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