Top tips for closet organization

Professional organizer Beth Zeigler gives her top tips for organizing closets
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Top tips for closet organization

My favorite tips for keeping a closet organized are to consistently go through your closet. There are so many things that we leave in our closet that we never wear, we never go through. Things like seasonal items will create extra space if you move them out of there. I also like to invest in some great pieces that will maximize space, such as valet hooks or hooks in general. It allows the user to easily put stuff away, which is so important to keep a clean and organized house. I also challenge folks to wear something that they don't always go to and you will realize that you'll either want to incorporate that back into your wardrobe or let go of it. Just like anything, we only wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. So there's a ton of stuff lurking in our closets that we never wear. I also really like to organize clothes by type and within type by color. You can instantly see what you have in there. So for instance you may not have realized that you have 20 black sweaters and only one pair of black pants. So that allows you to maybe purge a little bit. It gives you more covenance to know, okay, I've got 20 of them. I feel comfortable letting 10 go. As far as children's closets, they're always going to be different. I think it really just depends on the amount of storage space that you have. I really like toys to be accessible so that the kids are encouraged to play with them, so I would suggest using just the closet for clothes. But if that's the space that you're working with, then by all means do that. But I think toys are really important to have out and accessible. And it also allows children to put them away, which is what we want to get across. Let them clean up and have access to storage solutions.
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Professional organizer Beth Zeigler gives her top tips for organizing closets


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Beth Zeigler

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Beth created B•neato Professional Organizing after someone recognized her organizing talents and told her about the National Association of Professional Organizers. Ever since, she's been blogging about getting organized for well-known companies, such as Apartment Therapy and Rubbermaid. Beth's goal is to make getting organized accessible to all which is why she created No Mess No Stress Organizing Boot Camp (which is known in some circles as a work-out for your filing system). When she's not helping clients de-clutter, Beth can be found keeping her busy household in order in Silver Lake, CA.

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