Organizing twins' clothes and toys

Professional organizer Beth Zeigler gives her top tips for organizing twins' clothes and toys
Parenting Multiples | Organizing twins' clothes and toys
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Organizing twins' clothes and toys

My favorite tips for organizing twin's toys and bedrooms is they are usually sharing a closet. So distinguishing whose side is whose as far as clothes, you can easily do that with a piece of colored tape down the middle and marking clothes with a marker. Oftentimes twins are wearing the exactly same thing, but they could be off very slightly in size or in color. But parents are so overwhelmed, especially when they have twins. So they're going to want to just easily identify whose is whose. It also makes putting away clothes easier by identifying them with a permanent marker on the tag. I also think you can have a lot of fun when you're organizing twins' toys. You can have them each pick a color that they really like. And that can be their color for the storage containers. Everything down from the towel they use even down to the clothes they wear if you want to get a little, I don't know, fun and whimsical with it all. But using color you just instantly recognize and identify whose is whose. You want to lessen the amount of fighting as far as that's mine. And that's yours. So using color will just instantly identify whose is whose.

Professional organizer Beth Zeigler gives her top tips for organizing twins' clothes and toys


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Beth created B•neato Professional Organizing after someone recognized her organizing talents and told her about the National Association of Professional Organizers. Ever since, she's been blogging about getting organized for well-known companies, such as Apartment Therapy and Rubbermaid. Beth's goal is to make getting organized accessible to all which is why she created No Mess No Stress Organizing Boot Camp (which is known in some circles as a work-out for your filing system). When she's not helping clients de-clutter, Beth can be found keeping her busy household in order in Silver Lake, CA.

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