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Meet Joan Friedman, PhD

My name is Joan Friedman. I'm a psychotherapist, a twin specialist and an author. I've written a book called, "Emotionally Healthy Twins." It's a guidebook for parents of twins. And I'm also finishing my second book called, "My Twin, Myself," which addresses the challenges that adult twins face as they mature. I'm the mother of five adult children, ranging in age from 30 years to 22. I've three boys and two girls. My last two were fraternal twin boys and that really peaked my interest in becoming a twin expert, and given that I'm an identical twin myself, I've devoted and committed myself to many, many years of educating and helping people raise twins. I credit my husband for having a very large family, which has been wonderful, raising five unique individuals and we've somehow managed with a quirky combination of empathy and control.
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Watch Joan Friedman, PhD's video on Meet Joan Friedman, PhD...


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Joan Friedman, PhD

Psychologist & Twin Expert

Dr. Joan A. Friedman is a prominent and well-respected twin expert who shares her passionate views and insights about twins and their emotional needs with twins and their families throughout the world. The fact that she is an identical twin and the mother of five, including fraternal twin sons, makes her ideally suited to this task. Her commitment to twin research and her treatment of twins of all ages demonstrate the breadth and depth of her skills and experience. She conducts ongoing groups for parents of twins and provides consultation on twin related matters such as school placements, developmental discrepancies, and behavioral issues.

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