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Meet Richard Pass, RN

Hi, my name is Richard Pass. I'm a registered nurse and a health educator I have been working in the field of clinical nursing for about 30 years and have experienced just about every kind of nursing that one might have in a hospital setting. I started my own business, which is Save a Little Life, focusing on infant and child CPR and removal of airway obstructions, plus a whole segment on family and safety issues. I live with my wife in Tarzana, California. I have two grown children and one brand new baby grandson. And my interests are many. I am an avid hiker and trekker and sometimes climber. I love to read and I have a number of different community activities that I'm involved with. And thanks for tuning in.
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Learn about: Meet Richard Pass, RN from Richard Pass, RN,...


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Richard Pass, RN

Registered Nurse & CPR Expert

Richard Pass, RN, BS, was born in Los Angeles. He studied nursing in Portland, Oregon and has since practiced nursing for 35 years, including ICU, Emergency, and Cardiology nursing. Richard started his CPR & Family Safety educational company, Save a Little Life, Inc., in 1999. With Save a Little Life, Inc., Richard presents house calls and classes all over the Los Angeles area. He teaches medical-surgical nursing at California State University, and is married with two grown children and one grandchild.

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