Debunking stay-at-home dad myths

Watch Scott Lenz's video on Debunking stay-at-home dad myths...
Debunking stay-at-home dad myths | Kids in the House
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Debunking stay-at-home dad myths

There are many things I do to debunk myths and stereotypes about being a stay-at-home dad, but the primary one is to be competent, is to just do your job as a parent, is to raise a healthy, happy, aware, smart children. And then you can break it down into subsets of being a really good cook, you can be fashion savvy, you can be tech savvy, you can volunteer for the PTA, you can become a room parent – and I do all of those things. So I think that I’m happy in the progress I’ve made to show that dads can be just as competent as stay-at-home parents as moms can.

Watch Scott Lenz's video on Debunking stay-at-home dad myths...


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Scott Lenz

Stay-at-Home Dad

Scott Lenz was born in Lewisberg, Pennsylvania. By the time he reached 9th grade, he had been to eight schools, which explains a lot about his social awkwardness. However, his wife Suzanne and two kids - Jaron, 13 and Georgia, 10 - went to less than five schools combined, so it all evens out.

He was the original rat mascot for Chuck E. Cheese, and since then has been a record store manager, music journalist, television documentarian and, most recently and importantly, a stay-at-home dad. His single greatest hope is that ABBA will one day reunite.

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