Feeling isolated as a stay-at-home parent

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Feeling isolated as a stay-at-home parent | Kids in the House
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Feeling isolated as a stay-at-home parent

Being a stay-at-home parent can often lead to being… feeling isolated from a lot of socil situations and therefore, one can be depressed about that, that they’re not in the same social situation or professional situation that they used to be. I think that if you’re a stay-at-home parent and you’re starting to have these kinds of issues, maybe your kids are getting older, so they’re not in the house as much, you’re not doing a lot of the pre-school activities with them any more, then you really need to start trying to incorporate some of that, “Let’s call past life back into your current life and start finding more balance between being a parent and being the person that maybe you thought you used to be.” And quite honestly, if you’re finding that you’re still in that state, then maybe being a stay-at-home parent is not the best thing for you and you should try and find work again. And find good help to bring in to take care of your children and everything will be fine.

View Scott Lenz's video on Feeling isolated as a stay-at-home parent...


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Scott Lenz

Stay-at-Home Dad

Scott Lenz was born in Lewisberg, Pennsylvania. By the time he reached 9th grade, he had been to eight schools, which explains a lot about his social awkwardness. However, his wife Suzanne and two kids - Jaron, 13 and Georgia, 10 - went to less than five schools combined, so it all evens out.

He was the original rat mascot for Chuck E. Cheese, and since then has been a record store manager, music journalist, television documentarian and, most recently and importantly, a stay-at-home dad. His single greatest hope is that ABBA will one day reunite.

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