How I became a stay at home dad

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How I became a stay at home dad

There are many things to consider when one is deciding whether they are going to keep working or stay at home with their children and parent them from home. I had the good fortune of being laid off from job and having a good 18 months or so of being home with kids and then going back to work for about eight or nine months. And our nanny who had been with us for a long time and the kids loved decided to have another baby and moved to another town, so we were paying her more than I was making. So financially, it made sense for me to stay home. And we also rather than bringing in a new nanny after we had had the same one for so long decided that it would be more stable and consistent if I just stayed home with the kids.

Watch Video: How I became a stay at home dad by Scott Lenz, ...


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Scott Lenz

Stay-at-Home Dad

Scott Lenz was born in Lewisberg, Pennsylvania. By the time he reached 9th grade, he had been to eight schools, which explains a lot about his social awkwardness. However, his wife Suzanne and two kids - Jaron, 13 and Georgia, 10 - went to less than five schools combined, so it all evens out.

He was the original rat mascot for Chuck E. Cheese, and since then has been a record store manager, music journalist, television documentarian and, most recently and importantly, a stay-at-home dad. His single greatest hope is that ABBA will one day reunite.

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