Resources for stay-at-home dads

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Resources for stay-at-home dads

There are a lot of groups, support, education, otherwise developmental for moms. There's Mommy and Me, there's you know those types of groups. I don't hang out with a lot of stay at home dads because there quite honestly aren't that many support groups like that or little preschool groups like that for dads. I personally don't know why that is. I think because the paradigm shift is still occurring. So it's a lot of dads go to Mommy and Me classes and they just kind of deal with the fact that it's called Mommy and Me and really don't raise much of a fuss about it. But I find that stay at home dads don't really tend to congregate, because I think dads, and men in general, don't necessarily congregate in that fashion socially as much as women do. But also I think a lot of stay at home dads are still struggling with their identity as stay at home dads. Especially if they came from a very distinct professional career. I also think that social media, Facebook, Twitter and just the internet in general, makes it easier for dads to quote, unquote, congregate in that way because they can be a little more anonymous about it. They don't have to be so touchy/feelie about it. And that's a much better resource usually for dads who may want to reach out to each other about parenting tips, but that doesn't really happen all that often.

See Scott Lenz's video on Resources for stay-at-home dads...


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Scott Lenz

Stay-at-Home Dad

Scott Lenz was born in Lewisberg, Pennsylvania. By the time he reached 9th grade, he had been to eight schools, which explains a lot about his social awkwardness. However, his wife Suzanne and two kids - Jaron, 13 and Georgia, 10 - went to less than five schools combined, so it all evens out.

He was the original rat mascot for Chuck E. Cheese, and since then has been a record store manager, music journalist, television documentarian and, most recently and importantly, a stay-at-home dad. His single greatest hope is that ABBA will one day reunite.

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