Tips for moms starting a business

See Leana Greene's video on Tips for moms starting a business...
Tips for moms starting a business | Kids in the House
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Tips for moms starting a business

Being a working mom is not easy. And I think my biggest advice is to really look at your to-do list and figure out what is going to get you to your goals. Because the truth is, especially as a mom, we have too many things to get done. So it’s looking at the list and thinking, what things are actually going to take me forward to my goal? All actions are not equal. So that is my biggest advice. My other big advice is to share your struggles with your kids. Let them see your victories. Let them see your failures. And this helps your child understand that you don’t get to your goals easily. Nothing worth having comes easily. And make them see that you don’t always win in life. It creates resilience. And it also creates an understanding in them how to get from A to B.

See Leana Greene's video on Tips for moms starting a business...


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