Creating food charts for your kids

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Creating food charts for your kids

So dealing with snacks and lunches can be an incredible source of stress for a parent. And I myself can remember standing in front of the refrigerator almost getting a panic attack. And once you figure out something that your child likes like a bagel, you start making it every day. And after a while, they don’t want the bagel anymore. So what I did is I have a rotating chart for two weeks with different snacks. And each child gets to pick one thing. On Friday, I have my junk food day. So they get one day with unhealthy food. And these charts have a lot of great benefits. Number one, you can make a shopping list that goes with them. So when you’re at the store, you don’t buy a bunch of unnecessary things. These little charts and the shopping list also makes it really easy to delegate. You can hand this off to your mother-in-law, your husband, or your babysitter, and they will also know what to do.

See Leana Greene's video on Creating food charts for your kids...


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