Advice for bonding with your kids

Watch Video: Advice for bonding with your kids by Leana Greene, ...
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Advice for bonding with your kids

So one of my ultimate parenting advice after sitting through 8K parenting videos is to take the time with each of your kids. If you have more than one child, make a date each week with each one of your children. When you spend one-on-one time, that’s the time that fills them up. My other great parenting advice would be to talk to your kids. Discuss, bring up all the uncomfortable subjects. Talk about sex. Talk about drugs. When you see something on TV that makes your hair stand up, talk about it, because that’s the way you install your values into your child. Even if they don’t necessarily say something back, it’s registering. So if I would have done something differently with my older ones, I would have talked more.

Watch Video: Advice for bonding with your kids by Leana Greene, ...


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