Benefits of multi-store shopping

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Benefits of multi-store shopping

Shopping at more than one store is a great way to save money because different stores have different deals and they'll have lower prices on some things that at another store, it will be much higher priced. However, a lot of times people get hung up on this whole shopping at different stores and they think they'll have to go run around to eight different stores every week. That's not what I'm suggesting. I suggest that you rotate the stores that you shop at and get the best deals at those stores when you go there. And when you're planning your menu, look at the ads online and see which stores have the best sales that week. And then make sure and go to those one or two stores. If you don't want to mess with going to more than one store, you can take the ads from your local stores to Walmart and they will price-match all of the prices for you.

Watch Crystal Paine's video on Benefits of multi-store shopping...


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