Kids and emergency visits

Watch Video: Kids and emergency visits by Alan Nager, MD, MHA, ...
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Kids and emergency visits

Children are brought into the emergency department for a number of common reasons, and of course uncommon reasons. Some of the more common ones are fever, which is apparent to the parent or caregiver; respiratory illnesses which can really run the gamut all the way from a very simple cold all the way to asthma and other kinds of respiratory diseases; and then about a third of our parents at the Children's Hospital, Los Angeles, suffer from some sort of traumatic injury, and that really runs the spectrum from a minor scrape or cut, laceration, to broken bones, and then what we call multi-system trauma, which includes kids that fall off balconies, hit by bicycles, cars, that kind of thing. And then we see a large number of patients who suffer from chronic or specialty diseases. And those are diseases of the heart, lungs, kidneys, those type of problems. And that's really a large proportion of what we see in our hospital.
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Watch Video: Kids and emergency visits by Alan Nager, MD, MHA, ...


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Alan Nager, MD, MHA

Pediatrician, Emergency Medicine, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Dr. Alan Nager is Head of the Division of Emergency and Transport Medicine at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. He is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. Dr. Nager received his undergraduate degree in Public Heath and Child Psychology, his graduate degree in Healthcare Administration, his medical degree from the University of Minnesota Medical School and his training in Pediatric Emergency Medicine at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.  He has lectured extensively on a variety of emergency medicine topics, appeared numerous times in the media, and published extensively on topics such as dehydration, trauma, mental health, disaster preparedness, etc. He has also authored a children’s book entitled, Angels in Action: One Day in the Emergency Department.

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