The power of consequences

Watch Video: The power of consequences by Sondra Santos Drahos, ...
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The power of consequences

Having consequences for your child's behavior that are set up ahead of time will be more effective than if you surprise your kids by taking something away, for example. Letting your child know what to expect of them, is helpful. For example, if a situation comes up that needs to have a consequence; you can sit down and talk to them, even ask older kids, "What do you think the consequences should be?" A lot of parents are surprised that I say that, but you would be surprised. Sometimes, an emotional breakdown happens and there is a reason behind their situation or behavior. That situation, alone, might be a consequence for that situation. They might come up with a consequence that is much more harsh than you would have and it might be more effective.

Watch Video: The power of consequences by Sondra Santos Drahos, ...


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Sondra Santos Drahos

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In 2007, when Sondra Santos Drahos was a single mom, she became a Certified Parent Educator and founded Happy Healthy Hip Parenting.  She is a Parental Advisor at Parental Wisdom and has been heard on NPR’s The Takeaway. She was included in the Nielsen’s list of Top 50 Power Moms in 2009. She is dedicated to Honoring Families, Supporting Parents, and Enriching Relationships. She lives in Solana Beach, California with her husband and two sons.

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