Lessons learned at a lemonade stand

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Lessons learned at a lemonade stand

Here's a funny thing that happened not too long ago. We try and encourage the kids to do activities and things that are back to basics and less modern and don't involve electronics and so on. So one of their big ones that they like to do on weekends is they have lemonade stand, and they sell lemonade to neighbors and people who go by and then we donate the money to a local animal shelter. So that's a really great activity and you're teaching your kids to do something fun and then also to do something good with the proceeds. And the other day we were low on lemons. So we went next door and we knocked on the door and we asked the neighbor could we pick some lemons from his tree. And he said, "sure, go ahead." So they went into his yard, picked the lemons, squeezed them, made the lemonade, and then 20 minutes later, came back, knocked on his door, and offered to sell him back the lemonade made with his own lemons. And I first I think he thought that was pretty cheeky, that here were these kids selling him back his own lemons. But when he knew the proceeds were going to a charity, it was all good, and he bought several cups.
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View Liane Weintraub, MA's video on Lessons learned at a lemonade stand...


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Liane Weintraub, MA

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Since 2007, Liane has been on a self-proclaimed “tasty mission” (along with her business partner, Shannan Swanson) to improve nutritional options for children of all ages through their organic snack food company, Tasty Brand Inc. Liane was born and raised in Manhattan, NY, where city life presents some challenges to healthy eating and living. After attending Columbia University (BA), Oxford University and USC School of Journalism (MA), she worked as a local television news reporter at United Paramount Network. She has also been a regular contributor to an array of local and national print/online publications. In that capacity, she encountered many people with heart-gripping stories, the most touching of whom were children. Her commitments to the environment and to children’s causes are an integral part of Tasty Brand. As a journalist, she understands the power of story-telling and is committed to spreading Tasty Brand's message far and wide. A self-taught cook, Liane has a passion for food and good nutrition. Liane and her husband Richard have two children: Ava, age eight and Cole, age seven.

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