What every new mom should know about baby food

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What every new mom should know about baby food | Kids in the House
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What every new mom should know about baby food

I think when a baby first starts solid food, first of all, it's such an exciting time. It's their first introduction to eating foods. And it can be so stressful and upsetting and confusing for moms. So if there's any advice I can give to help simplify that. It should be fun. Your baby is getting to explore new flavors and new textures and it's a whole new world out there for them. But it is definitely true that there are some pitfalls and dangers out there. You have a new perfect clean little baby that should be shielded from chemicals and additives and anything like that. So the simpler and the cleaner you can keep it, the better. Home making baby food for a lot of people is the right answer. It can be time consuming. It's really rewarding though to make something at home and have your child eat it and enjoy it. And as far as buying baby food, again, simplicity is the best. So look for organic. Look for non-GMO. Look for no additives or preservatives. Things that have a shorter shelf life are always better. Because products that sit in a plastic container or a glass jar for sometimes up to 2 years I always found that horrifying that the food maybe was always in that jar from before my child came to this earth. it just did not seem right. So simplicity and freshness and reading labels. it starts then, and it will never stop.

View Liane Weintraub, MA's video on What every new mom should know about baby food...


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Liane Weintraub, MA

CEO & Co-founder, Tasty Brand Inc.

Since 2007, Liane has been on a self-proclaimed “tasty mission” (along with her business partner, Shannan Swanson) to improve nutritional options for children of all ages through their organic snack food company, Tasty Brand Inc. Liane was born and raised in Manhattan, NY, where city life presents some challenges to healthy eating and living. After attending Columbia University (BA), Oxford University and USC School of Journalism (MA), she worked as a local television news reporter at United Paramount Network. She has also been a regular contributor to an array of local and national print/online publications. In that capacity, she encountered many people with heart-gripping stories, the most touching of whom were children. Her commitments to the environment and to children’s causes are an integral part of Tasty Brand. As a journalist, she understands the power of story-telling and is committed to spreading Tasty Brand's message far and wide. A self-taught cook, Liane has a passion for food and good nutrition. Liane and her husband Richard have two children: Ava, age eight and Cole, age seven.

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