Fun and healthy tips for kids' birthday parties

Liane Weintraub, MA, CEO & Co-Founder, Tasty Brand, Inc. shares advice for parents on a number of tips for your child's next birthday to be both fun and healthy
Fun And Healthy Tips For Kids' Birthday Parties
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Fun and healthy tips for kids' birthday parties

When it comes to parties, I lift the rules a little bit. So I think the whole idea of a party is a celebratory experience, so it shouldn't be so rigid. When my kids go out to other people's birthday parties, they know that they can have whatever is offered, but not necessarily all of it. So I tend to tell them, if you're going to have a sugary drink, it's that or it's cake. Because otherwise, it's just, it's unmanageable for me, but it's a miserable experience for them too. They don't necessarily know how it's going to affect them before they start in with juice followed by frosting followed by ice cream. And then it's a nightmare for everyone. So I kind of apply the same thing hosting parties for them. It's supposed to be fun. There's no reason for it not to be fun. So there's plenty of foods that might be on the naughty list, might have a little more sugar than we would have a normal day. My hope is that other parents are encouraging moderation for their kids so they're not really hoovering the whole dessert buffet. And then also having some healthy options in there, but making them fun. I think that fruits and vegetables - kids tend to like things on a stick. So I'm a big fan of putting things on a skewer. That way they can take them off. They can also avoid the things they don't like and just have the ones they like. But that tends to be fun. Kids like dipping. If you cut up vegetables and you put a little bit of ranch dressing or hummus or something in the bottom of the cup and then the veggies go in, they can take their own personal vegetable and dip cup. They like that. Making fun shapes out of sandwiches. Those kind of things at parties seem to go over really well for kids. And then they can have their balance of having something healthy and having their treats too.

Liane Weintraub, MA, CEO & Co-Founder, Tasty Brand, Inc. shares advice for parents on a number of tips for your child's next birthday to be both fun and healthy


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Liane Weintraub, MA

CEO & Co-founder, Tasty Brand Inc.

Since 2007, Liane has been on a self-proclaimed “tasty mission” (along with her business partner, Shannan Swanson) to improve nutritional options for children of all ages through their organic snack food company, Tasty Brand Inc. Liane was born and raised in Manhattan, NY, where city life presents some challenges to healthy eating and living. After attending Columbia University (BA), Oxford University and USC School of Journalism (MA), she worked as a local television news reporter at United Paramount Network. She has also been a regular contributor to an array of local and national print/online publications. In that capacity, she encountered many people with heart-gripping stories, the most touching of whom were children. Her commitments to the environment and to children’s causes are an integral part of Tasty Brand. As a journalist, she understands the power of story-telling and is committed to spreading Tasty Brand's message far and wide. A self-taught cook, Liane has a passion for food and good nutrition. Liane and her husband Richard have two children: Ava, age eight and Cole, age seven.

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