Breastfeeding while pregnant

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Breastfeeding while pregnant

Many people think that one of the many advantages to breastfeeding is that it is a great source of contraception. In fact, women can get pregnant while they're exclusively breastfeeding, it does happen. Then the question becomes for a lot of moms, "If I am pregnant, can I continue to breastfeed or do I need to ween?" What happens often is that if you are pregnant, your milk supply will go down, and sometimes significantly. If the baby is under a year, often the mother can continue to breastfeed but she needs to supplement with formula because the baby's not getting enough to eat. If the baby's over a year and eating other foods, often mothers can continue to breastfeed without using formula. One challenge is the nipples tend to be really tender when women are pregnant and if you put a nursing toddler on top of those nipples, it can be quite a challenge. Some physicians are concerned that breastfeeding while pregnant may increase the risk of miscarriage, so that's something a mother would need to discuss with her doctor to see if she's a good candidate to continue nursing while she's pregnant.

View Wendy Haldeman, RN, MN, IBCLC's video on Breastfeeding while pregnant...


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Wendy Haldeman, RN, MN, IBCLC

Lactation Specialist

Wendy Haldeman, MN, RN, IBCLC is a co-founder of the Pump Station and Nurtury. She received both her nursing and lactation education at UCLA, is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), and a certified Happiest Baby on the Block instructor. She lectures frequently on human lactation at medical and nursing schools and has been identified by publications, such as Fit Pregnancy, as an expert in her field. Wendy facilitates the New Mother Support groups, and teaches the prenatal Breastfeeding and Baby Care Classes at The Pump Station. She and her husband Tim are proud of their two grown daughters and their 15 month old granddaughter.

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