How a baby changes your life

Watch Video: How a baby changes your life by Andrea Bendewald, ...
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How a baby changes your life

There's something that happens when you become a new mom, and that is you're growing into a new part and in a way you're leaving an old part behind. You know, you're going from maiden to mother and a lot of women have a hard time with that because as they're getting ready to have a new baby they think, how is this baby going to fit into my life? And it's a very hard equation to solve because a baby doesn't really fit into your old life. A baby is born into your life and becomes part of your world but actually, your world is evolving and expanding. So going from maiden to mother really means allowing the change to happen and allowing this new world order to take over, which now includes having a baby.
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Watch Video: How a baby changes your life by Andrea Bendewald, ...


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Andrea Bendewald

Actor & Mom

Andréa Bendewald is an actress who has worked in television, movies and theatre for the past 15 years. Some of her credits include, Last Man Standing, Without a Trace, The Game, According to Jim, Two and Half Men, House, Entourage, CSI Miami, Center of the Universe, Men Behaving Badly, That '70s Show, Providence, Ellen, Friends, Seinfeld and Employee of the Month.

In addition to her acting career Andréa, is founder of where she brings the power of celebration to Angelenos by creating sacred ceremonies and facilitating transformational circles.  She is happily married to actor/writer, Mitch Rouse, and is a proud mother to their two beautiful children, Tennessee Louise and Strummer James.  

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