Knowing when to ask for help

Learn about: Knowing when to ask for help from Andrea Bendewald,...
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Knowing when to ask for help

As a new mom, I wished I had asked my friends and family to be there for me a little bit more. I kind of suffered from I have to do it all on my own syndrome. And now I know that was kind of silly, that I could have asked, could you have come over for an hour so I could take a shower? Or just, could you come over and hang out with me, talk to me like I'm a grown up? Or bring a book, a book with words - only words with no pictures that don't make sounds. I was craving some adult time with my girlfriends, but I didn't know how to ask. In retrospect I wish I had. The other thing that I realize is it's okay to ask for help. And if someone does offer help, to take it. To be willing to receive it. And then the other thing I now think of all the time is when someone is going through a life changing event, I always offer them some help.

Learn about: Knowing when to ask for help from Andrea Bendewald,...


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Andrea Bendewald

Actor & Mom

Andréa Bendewald is an actress who has worked in television, movies and theatre for the past 15 years. Some of her credits include, Last Man Standing, Without a Trace, The Game, According to Jim, Two and Half Men, House, Entourage, CSI Miami, Center of the Universe, Men Behaving Badly, That '70s Show, Providence, Ellen, Friends, Seinfeld and Employee of the Month.

In addition to her acting career Andréa, is founder of where she brings the power of celebration to Angelenos by creating sacred ceremonies and facilitating transformational circles.  She is happily married to actor/writer, Mitch Rouse, and is a proud mother to their two beautiful children, Tennessee Louise and Strummer James.  

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