Importance of reaching out to new moms

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Importance of reaching out to new moms

The first year of motherhood, I was completely surprised with how isolated I felt. I felt guilty that it was hard to be with a baby that first year. I felt sad that I didn't have more mommy friends. I felt sad that i didn't find a natural rhythm right away in motherhood. And so what I did was I reached out, and I contacted some new moms, some of them, I wasn't even that close with. And I started a mother's circle. And basically what that was we met once a month, without our babies, without our kids; and we would sit, we would share and we would talk talk about all the challenges of being a new mom. Just that simple act of sitting with other mothers and hearing their story helped me feel less alone. Helped me feel less freakish that I was having all these feelings of isolation and it really supported me in my journey as a new mom.

Watch Andrea Bendewald's video on Importance of reaching out to new moms...


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Andrea Bendewald

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Andréa Bendewald is an actress who has worked in television, movies and theatre for the past 15 years. Some of her credits include, Last Man Standing, Without a Trace, The Game, According to Jim, Two and Half Men, House, Entourage, CSI Miami, Center of the Universe, Men Behaving Badly, That '70s Show, Providence, Ellen, Friends, Seinfeld and Employee of the Month.

In addition to her acting career Andréa, is founder of where she brings the power of celebration to Angelenos by creating sacred ceremonies and facilitating transformational circles.  She is happily married to actor/writer, Mitch Rouse, and is a proud mother to their two beautiful children, Tennessee Louise and Strummer James.  

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