Mental health and the NICU experience

See Philippe Friedlich, MD's video on Mental health and the NICU experience...
Mental health and the NICU experience | Kids in the House
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Mental health and the NICU experience

Bringing home your baby is an exciting time. Nevertheless, there are many issues that family are surprised that may arise. For example, after a long hospitalization, after a long journey, most mothers and fathers actually feel very stressed about the idea of going home. This is normal. And you should not be afraid of asking for some help. For example, your baby was monitored frequently during hospitalization. And many families ask, how will I transition my baby home without those machines? How will I make sure that my baby is okay? Talk to your nurse and physician. They will often give you good advice on how to best monitor your baby at home without those machines. For your baby, the same thing applies. Your baby will be in a new environment, an exciting environment such as home, but much different than the NICU. You can anticipate your baby to have a transition, where its sleep pattern may be somewhat different than expected. Remember, your baby was in the NICU with lights and a lot of noise. Now he's in another environment and this will take some time for it to get better, but it will. Just be patient.

See Philippe Friedlich, MD's video on Mental health and the NICU experience...


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Philippe Friedlich, MD


Philippe Friedlich, MD, MS Epi, MBA is the Associate Director and Division Chief of the Center for Fetal and Neonatal Medicine at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, as well as the Medical Director of the hospital’s Newborn & Infant Critical Care Unit (NICCU). Dr. Friedlich is a professor of Pediatrics and Surgery at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California.   

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