Electrical hazards and your baby

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Electrical hazards and your baby

The most common electrical hazards in a home for a baby, of course, are the outlets. This is something that’s down on their level and they’re attracted to and you want to make sure that they’re covered up so that the child cannot insert something in the outlet. We recommend using sliding outlet covers. These are designed so that when you’ve plugged something in and you remove the plug, it closes automatically. There are baby-proofing items called plugs that you would just put in your outlet, but we don’t recommend the use of those at all. You can forget to put them back on after you’re done using the outlet. People have so many more electrical appliances in their home that they use these power strips and we have power strip boxes that will cover up the power strip making it safe for your child in your home.
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View Nancy Spigelman's video on Electrical hazards and your baby...


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Nancy Spigelman

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Nancy Spigelman and her husband David started Wonder Years Babyproofing, an in-home babyproofing service, in 1988. Child passenger safety is her passion, and she has been educating parents and caregivers for the past 10 years on the proper use of car restraints in cars for children. In working with parents and caregivers, Nancy strives to enable them to confidently use child restraint seats properly every time their child is in the car. When she is not at home hanging out with her family and pets, she loves road trips, camping and hiking, as well as cooking and reading. 

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