Poisonous plants and children

Learn about: Poisonous plants and children from Nancy Spigelman,...
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Poisonous plants and children

How do you know if a plant or a tree is poisonous for your child? There are so many poisonous plants and trees. If you are suspecting a plant or a tree, you can look at www.poison.org, and look it up. Another hazard with having plants in the home, is that a child, of course, will put anything in their mouth. While it may not be toxic to your child, it can be a choking hazard if some of the plant material goes into your child's mouth. If you suspect your child has ingested a poisonous plant, you can call the Poison Control Center, which is 1-800-222-1222. They will make their recommendations from there. If they recommend that you take the child to the hospital, it's a good idea to take the plant material with you, if you can. You can also, maybe in your backyard, fence off the area that may have a poisonous plant or tree in it. You also want to watch out for spiney plants. You don't want your child being stabbed by a cactus or something of that sort. Some symptoms that can occur if your child has ingested a poisonous plant, could be irregular heartbeat, burning of the mouth, convulsions, vomiting. These are all things that you need to watch out for and call the Poison Control Center as soon as possible.

Learn about: Poisonous plants and children from Nancy Spigelman,...


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