Baby proofing furniture

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Baby proofing furniture

It's important to secure furniture in a house. Children are curious; they want to climb furniture. In earthquake areas, you certainly don't want any heavy furniture toppling over. Children will reach for items and as they're grabbing they won't realize maybe the furniture's top-heavy and will come over on them. Anywhere in your house that you have your antiques and your prized china collection or your little chotskies, those you want to put up high, out of reach from your children. You can put them up high on shelves and secure them with an item called Quakehold. It's almost like a little clay material that you just put on the base and attach it to the shelf and it keeps it fairly secure. Windows, you want to watch your window treatments, for the cords. These can possibly be a choking or strangulation hazard in your home. You want to cut the cords or secure them up high with a cord windup or a cleat of some kind to keep the cords out of the reach of the children. Do not rely on your window screen as a safety item in your home. They're not designed to keep a child in the window.

See Nancy Spigelman's video on Baby proofing furniture...


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Nancy Spigelman

Babyproofing Specialist

Nancy Spigelman and her husband David started Wonder Years Babyproofing, an in-home babyproofing service, in 1988. Child passenger safety is her passion, and she has been educating parents and caregivers for the past 10 years on the proper use of car restraints in cars for children. In working with parents and caregivers, Nancy strives to enable them to confidently use child restraint seats properly every time their child is in the car. When she is not at home hanging out with her family and pets, she loves road trips, camping and hiking, as well as cooking and reading. 

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