Kitchen baby proofing

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Kitchen baby proofing

Baby proofing your kitchen is another important area in your home to make sure that that is child safe. You're in there a lot. Your child wants to be in there with you. So you want to latch up the drawers and cabinets, making sure that the knives are locked up as well, not necessarily in a block on the counter. Because kids can just reach up without even seeing and take things off the counter. You want to unplug your small appliances. You don't want cords dangling off your countertops. When you are cooking at your stove, you want to make sure you cook using your back burners with the pot handles turned towards the back. You can also remove the stove knobs or cover them so that your child does not turn on your stove without you wanting that to be on. You want to latch up all of your drawers or cabinets. You might want to leave one bottom drawer or cabinet open with something safe for your child to play with, maybe your tupperware or something like that. If you have a tablecloth on your table, you might want to remove that. You don't want your child grabbing your tablecloth and bringing down hot liquid or food on themselves. For your garbage can, that you might want to lock away underneath the cabinet or have a lid on it so your child is not getting into the garbage. And you also want to watch out for your refrigerator magnets. Sometimes they can be quite small and would pose a choking hazard for your child.

Watch Video: Kitchen baby proofing by Nancy Spigelman, ...


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Nancy Spigelman

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Nancy Spigelman and her husband David started Wonder Years Babyproofing, an in-home babyproofing service, in 1988. Child passenger safety is her passion, and she has been educating parents and caregivers for the past 10 years on the proper use of car restraints in cars for children. In working with parents and caregivers, Nancy strives to enable them to confidently use child restraint seats properly every time their child is in the car. When she is not at home hanging out with her family and pets, she loves road trips, camping and hiking, as well as cooking and reading. 

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