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Dr Daniella Kotzen from Hello Dental wrote this helpful guide to ensure kids in your care receive the best outcomes when accidents involving teeth (inevitably) happen!

Before attaining her Masters in Dentistry Dr Kotzen was a children’s tutor, and not surprisingly treating children is now her favourite thing about being a dentist. Her enjoyment of children is evident at her practice, which features a ‘cubby-house clinic’ for her ‘little’ patients, and bike-racks as part of onsite parking for adventurous older kids.

Dr Kotzen is an expert in making tears and fears disappear, and she loves teaching kids excellent dental habits for life.

Kids dental trauma
“Baby teeth don’t matter, right?” As dentists we overhear or are asked this a lot, and unfortunately it’s an incorrect assumption. How primary (baby) teeth are treated - especially during those early baby years, can have significant implications on your kid’s future permanent teeth. In fact, knocks to ‘little teeth’ - can cause ‘big teeth’ to present with white marks and deformities. This is especially the case when a ‘little tooth’ experiences intrusion (pushed inside the gum by a trauma) or avulsion (knocked out).
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