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Mary Dell Harrington and Lisa Endlich Heffernan are the voices behind Grown and Flown: Parenting from the Empty Nest. Between their two families they have five children (17-23) and a total of 93 years of parenting experience. Mary Dell has a MBA from Harvard Business School and Lisa has an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Lisa is the author of three books including New York Times Business Bestseller, “Goldman Sachs: The Culture of Success.”

As we write this we are teaching our youngest children to drive.  This is a path we have been down before, but as our impulse for self-preservation is undiminished, we still find it a bit frightening this last time. Learning to drive may be one of the great adolescent milestones but, for parents, it represents a major push back from our kids as they claim their independence from us. Truthfully, the whole process is driving us crazy.
As the mom of a teenage daughter, I occasionally feel like I am parenting ona separate planet from my friends who have teenage sons.
Lisa writes: Ahhhh…the beauty, the certainty of 20/20 hindsight.  As my youngest nears the end of high school, I have been thinking about what allows kids to perform at their best and enjoy their four years to the fullest.  What do I wish I had known as my kids turned 12 that would have helped them in getting ready for high school? If I had it to do again… Do one thing well
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