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Dayton socializes for a living and writes for fun, all while caring for her ten year old uncle. Her rarely relevant degree gives her experience in political science, writing, Spanish, rugby, theater, coding, and spreading herself too thin. She will forever be a prisoner of her family’s business, doomed to inherit responsibility despite frequent existential protests.

The relationship between parents and school has morphed- while parents once blamed their children for shortcomings, parents are now turning their indignation toward the teacher.
Hardly anyone does anything on paper anymore.  Shopping lists are transcribed into our phones, emails and texts have replaced letters, and homework is increasingly completed online.  While notepads are still bought and diaries are still written in, it’s obvious that we’re getting closer and closer to abandoning physical paper, and money is no different.
Are children really less safe today than they were before?
Snow has dominated many of our lives over the past couple months.  Even in areas of the country where snow plowers are regularly used, excess snow and ice can lead schools to call it quits.
In a time when most kids spent all of their leisure time with several screens in front of them, we expect that kids know how to be safe online better than we do.  Kids are the ones creating viral trends, after all, and teaching their tech-illiterate grandparents how to restart the computer.  But, when we think about it for longer, we realize that the dangers of the internet still come from people.  Regardless of how internet-savvy our kids are, they can still be naive when it comes to people, perhaps even more so than previous generations.  Interestingly, millennials are still the
For whatever reason, a dog or a cat isn’t enough for your kids.  They want something special: a boa constrictor, a wolf, a shark.  Reality is not a factor for their imaginations.  While you might have a difficult time obtaining their dream pet, there are other nontraditional pets that they’ll love.  There is a wide middle ground between dog and chimpanzee.
School is starting up again.  And along with it, alarm clocks are ringing, forcing kids who slept in all summer to rise before the sun.  Maybe you’re lucky enough that your kid doesn’t need help getting ready in the morning, or perhaps you’re already at the office by the time that they are hauling themselves out of bed.  On the other hand, if your kid is younger or just is not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, you might be rubbing your eyes beside them.  
college prep stress
I have recently discovered that college preparation begins in the sixth grade.  As a caregiver of a sixth grader, this was news to me. I thought sixth grade was about learning how to go from classroom to classroom on a schedule and how to get out of bed before seven. Turns out it’s about prepping for the PSAT and determining what AP classes you’ll take in three years. 
how to talk to kids after school
It’s a scene we all know well.  Sometimes it happens during the car ride home from school, others the kitchen while you prepare a meal, but the script is always the same.  You: Hey, how was school today? Kid: Fine. You: Well, what did you learn? Kid: Nothing. You: Really, you learnt nothing all day?  Kid:  Not really.
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