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Jasmine Moradfar has earned her bachelors in both Psychology and Sociology as well as her Masters in Education from UCLA. After teaching in a prestigious preschool for several years she has gone on to create her own company called PlayCreations Kids offering Parenting Consultations, Mommy and Me Classes and Enrichment Classes to children from 5 months-9 years. Jasmine's classes are unique and engaging and offer exciting experiences for young children.

From ages zero to five a child’s brain forms connections more rapidly than it ever will again, with 90% of our brain being fully developed by the age of five. Parents can do a lot to ensure their baby’s brain is receiving all the input it needs in order to begin developing those strong connections from birth. The best way for your child to learn is through play. The more you play, talk, interact with and stimulate your child through their senses, the quicker they develop their language, motor, executive functioning, and self-help skills.
“Since you didn’t pick up your toys, you can’t watch your favorite TV show before bed tonight!”
Note: This is an often touchy subject for parents. There are many cultural influences that change the way feeding and self-feeding are approached by parents. That aside, the following article discusses the importance of allowing children to be in charge of their own feeding and learn how to listen to their bodies.
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