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Founder of Tools of Growth

Roma Khetarpal is the founder and CEO of Tools of Growth. Through parenting classes, community outreach, articles, reviews, and blog posts, Tools of Growth provides parents with simple, easy-to-remember, and effective communication tools that can help them build a strong foundation and relationship with their children. She is also the author of "The 'Perfect' Parent: 5 Tools for Using Your Inner Perfection to Connect With Your Kids."

Dealing with failure is difficult for all of us, but as parents, we often find it even harder to watch kids struggle with it. During classes in Happy, Relaxed Parenting and at book signings for The “Perfect” Parent, I’m often asked some important questions about helping children understand and deal with failure. Here’s what I say: Why is failure important for kids? When children fail at things, they are faced most strongly with a single leading emotion: disappointment. This emotion points in two different directions:
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