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Founder of W.O.R.D. Ink

Vanessa Ziff Lasdon is the founder of W.O.R.D. Ink, an education and youth advocacy enterprise dedicated to providing empowering learning opportunities and resources for kids and adults. Vanessa is a children’s novelist and former elementary school teacher. Now in her thirteenth year, she continues to develop LA-based workshops, tutoring programs, and editorial work focused on education, personal expression, mentorship, writing skills and literature.

There’s a writer in all of us because there’s language in each of us. Have we not all shared the same spark of joy in first learning to write our very own name? Writing is self-discovery and self-expression. We begin with a spark. To inspire a child to write we must reignite that very first wonder and delight, and we must hold the spark steadfast with the intention of kindling a long-lasting love of language within the child.
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