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The Chef Ann Foundation (formerly Food Family Farming Foundation) was founded in 2009 by Ann Cooper, an internationally recognized author, chef, educator, public speaker, and advocate of healthy food for all children. Our mission is to provide tools that help schools serve children healthy and delicious scratch-cooked meals made with fresh, whole food. Today, the Chef Ann Foundation (CAF) carries out that vision by actively supporting school districts nationwide through grant programs and by providing tried and tested tools for school food change.

What if we tried to educate and expose kids to more fresh fruits and veggies instead of assuming that they will never like them and then feeding them junk just so they will eat something? Hmmmmm…now that’s a thought.
This is a debatable question for sure; one that I used to think was a no-brainer. Yes, if parents are loud enough and demanding enough then eventually it  will happen, but that is not the most efficient or pleasant process for either side. The problem is that changing a school food program is no easy feat. In particular, it requires understanding and consideration of many nuances that parents aren’t always aware of up front.
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