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Teacher, Principal, Tutor, Therapist

Susie Wolbe, Ed.D.,  an educator with over 30 years of experience as a teacher, principal, tutor, and therapist, teaches strategies to improve social-emotional interactions through mindfulness meditation, a secular form of meditation. Dr. Wolbe also emphasizes study-organization skills, brain research, and creating balanced lifestyles. TEA has designated that CPE hours are offered for Dr. Wolbe's classes for Texas educators (#902209).

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You have school-age children and your life seems to revolve around all of their academic needs: daily homework; science project; foreign language test; English essay; social studies maps. And that’s before you even consider the schedule for after-school activities. You don’t remember this fast-paced schedule from when you were growing up, do you? Well, chances are that your schedule from days long past is very different from the one your children and family are currently experiencing.
We all do it, even though the “it” is different for each of us. Some people love to exercise, yet I will drive in circles, literally, trying to think of a reason not to show up for a yoga class until it’s so late I just couldn’t possibly go anyway. After all, I wouldn’t want to interrupt the serious exercise people! I know that overeating desserts and other sweets isn’t good for me, yet I would still be happy to skip the entrée and go straight to the ice cream parlor, and I know I am not the only person who feels this way.
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