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Julie Kertes is the product expert for Kids in the House and oversees the Hot Diggity Awards, a national seal-of-approval program that recognizes the best products for families. To see the latest products she’s playing with, testing and/or assembling, follow her on Twitter at @HotDiggityMedia.

Your Guide to Holiday Giving
The play experts and toy testers at Hot Diggity Media spend a good part of the year unboxing, testing and playing with hundreds of toys and games from companies across the globe. Only the best of the best receive a Hot Diggity Award seal-of-approval, based on quality, entertainment, and educational value.  
wearing the baby
When babies make their grand entrance into the world we marvel at how pliable their little limbs are. These natural contortionists grab their feet and suck on their toes effortlessly as if their tiny bodies are made out of rubber.  
award winning toys
Like most parents, I have a love-hate relationship with technology. On one hand, it allows us to organize work, home and family while keeping several balls up in the air; it helps us gather information more quickly and provides us with hours and hours of entertainment. On the flip side, technology can consume us, send us down that online rabbit hole and lead us away from living in the moment. Unfortunately, it’s having the same affect on our children. Here are some of my favorite toys that embrace the basics of play.
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