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Give the Gift of Silly Putty

Kids often have an extensive list of gifts they'd like Santa to leave under the tree, and it can be easy to submit to these and choose a few of their more reasonable requests, dutifully purchase them at Target or Amazon, and see their excited faces on Christmas morning when they find Santa really did bring them a Hatchimal, or a Barbie townhouse, or a Nerf Blaster. There is certainly no shame in purchasing your child a toy they wanted, but what about the toys they don't want, or didn't ask for, but perhaps need? 

Silly putty is on the low-end of desirable toys. Nowadays, toys featuring new developments in tech or fashion are the most-wanted. Amazon's list of the 10 toys topping children's lists this year include high-tech animals, a karaoke machine, and a Thomas & Friends train track set on steroids. They're all newfangled delights, and yes, they are terribly expensive. One egg of silly putty, however, can be purchased for less than $5. How far can that $5 stretch? Well, depends on how far your imagination, and your child's, are willing to go.

Silly putty is a science lesson.

While the kind of silly putty that comes in a plastic egg may not seem transformable other than in shape, scientists are putting silly putty to work in all kinds of interesting ways. With a couple of quick Google and Youtube searches, the tacky toy can be used as a low-pressure science lesson for both kid and parent. You can learn about how the future of blood pressure readings could lie in supercharged silly putty, thanks to the addition of Graphene, the thinnest, strongest material known, that enables the putty to be sensitive enough to measure blood pressure, or the movement of a spider.   

Silly putty is magic.

Most parents aren't amateur magicians, but thanks to the magic of the internet, we can learn simple tricks alongside our children. This cool trick uses silly putty to fool its audience.   

Silly putty is a stress reducer.

Roll the putty into a compact ball. Once it hardens, squeeze it tightly, just like a stress ball, which releases tension and anxiety. Works well for tantrum cool-downs for both kids and parents!  

Silly putty is therapy. 

Activities using silly putty helps build hand strength, coordination, and fine motor skills, which makes it a great toy for all kids, especially for those with a sensory disorder or on the Autism spectrum. We love these 21 activities that turn silly putty into a therapeutic tool.   

Silly putty can be homemade.

Yes, store-bought silly putty is inexpensive! But did you know silly putty is relatively easy to make at home? Making silly putty with your child is not only quality bonding time, but a mini science lesson, too! Perhaps after learning about all the crazy things putty will do, your child will want to make even more putty to give to their friends!         

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