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Early Childhood Education
Did you know that 90% of our brain develops during the initial 5 years of our lives? Did you also know that what happens in our brains during this period sets the foundation for the kind of learning that takes place when we get to college, start our careers and the experiences we’ll have in life? Well, now, you know. 
Shopping Tips for Frugal Teens
Saving money while shopping is a smart idea. After all, you'll have extra cash for a rainy day and feel less guilt. These shopping tips may help you make the right choices.  Shop for the Right Reasons Being in control of your money means you need to have some self- control. For example, if you have plans to shop for school, commit to this. Consequently, heading for the entertainment aisle may lead to unnecessary purchases. To keep from being overly strict with yourself, pick one day out of the month to go shopping for items you want.
boy at dental office
When it comes to visiting the dentist or the doctor, children are wary of pain. They know that these professionals are there to help, but that doesn’t mean that what they do won’t hurt. Many children develop an early fear of the dentist because they worry that the procedures done in their mouths will cause them pain. If your child is afraid of the dentist, there are some ways you can distract them at the office that can help their appointment go by smoothly.
Cats Can Teach Your Children
As cat owners, we often learn a lot from our pets without noticing. These furry companions are very loving and they add so much to our lives. Here is a list of all the important lessons that a pet cat can teach your children.
Music Instrument Affects Your Child’s Brain
Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to form new neural pathways and it has an amazing impact on the development of the child’s brain. It turns out that learning how to play a musical instrument takes advantage of this amazing property of the brain and helps your child develop many other skills at the same time.
Developmental Milestones
When you become a parent, you always want to make sure that your baby is reaching the right milestone, and you want to watch for signs your baby is developing properly. Of course, every baby is going to be unique, but if you have a general understanding of these early milestones, it helps you know whether or not you should speak with your doctor.  Children reach developmental milestones when they’re crawling and walking, speaking, learning, and even playing. 
child sexual abuse signs
Sexual abuse is a serious violation of a person’s privacy, comfort, and rights. Nobody should have to suffer from the atrocities of sexual abuse and this is especially important for young children. Unfortunately, it’s more common than you might expect. One in nine girls and one in every six boys experience sexual abuse before the age of 18.  If a child is exposed to sexual abuse at a young age, it can stunt their mental and emotional development that will lead to lifelong challenges.
 Birthday Invitations For Your Child
Celebrating your child's birthday is often a more anticipated event. Planning and preparing for a kid's party can be more important than any other holiday in a year. 
Birthday Party
When it comes to throwing the perfect party for your child's birthday, most parents want to pull out all the stops. While some of us are adept at planning large gatherings where food and drink flow as freely as the conversation, games, and activities are talked about for months afterward, and everyone has a great time, others cringe at the thought of having any gathering with our name attached to it. 
Tips to Encourage Playing outside
As a parent, you want your kids to grow up happy and healthy by spending time outside. Unfortunately, technology and other factors may become more engaging as children grow up. If you have a difficult time convincing your kids to head outdoors, here are some ideas. Take Away Technology Probably the main thing that will keep your children indoors is technology. For this reason, you can hide the television remote, smartphone, video games or any other distractions. Without this, kids will likely have no reason to stay inside. 


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