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xmas decor
The stress that we put on ourselves to buy stuff, food and decorate everything has honestly become ridiculous. Not to mention that most of us can’t afford all of it, even if it may seem that way but fear not, we have some awesome tips for those of us with big Holiday spirit and small budgets; Set Up a Realistic Budget
vacation with kids
When your kids grow older, going to the same kind of vacations when they were small babies won’t cut it. Older kids want to have as much fun as you are having. Unlike in the past when they couldn’t communicate whether they were having a good time or not, this time they will let you know if the vacation sucks. So, how do you put together a vacation that thrills both the adults and the kids who now have a good sense of what constitutes ‘fun’? Use the following ideas to plan a family vacation that will be fulfilling for both you and the kids.
adoption process 2019
There are many myths surrounding the process of adoption. If you have heard that it can take years, or that it’s gruelling and you’ve been put off, this article is for you. We take an honest look at the adoption process and give a realistic view of what happens. Children available for adoption
minimalist room design
If you have small kids, keeping your home neat is challenging to say the least, but it's still possible. Generally, for a happy family, it's not crucial to have a tidy house each and every day. However, a messy and dirty space makes us feel uncomfortable. It can be overwhelming to work or impossible to relax when there's clutter all around you. 
home wifi router
Every home computer and similar device needs a router in order to connect to various networks and the Internet. While buying a router and connecting it might seem like simple work, it’s much more intricate than this. One step that many people often forget to do is to secure their home router.
mom and daughter shopping online
Welcome to the future, where you can buy literally anything you want and have it arrive at your front door in 48 hours or less. For busy parents, this is a godsend. Last-minute birthday gift? Prime it. First day of school outfit? Prime it. Classroom goodie bags? Prime it. But as convenient as it is to Prime our lives away, this approach has a damaging dark side. When we choose the most convenient, most affordable option, you could be supporting unethical labor practices, wasteful manufacturing and pollution.
Child with Cerebral Palsy in wheelchair
Getting a diagnosis for your infant or child of cerebral palsy can be devastating. Every parent wishes for their children to be healthy and whole, but this condition doesn’t have to be limiting. Treatments, educational interventions, behavioral therapies, and good early care can all help a child with cerebral palsy grow into a healthy, happy adult. About Cerebral Palsy
Regeneron Science Talent Search 2019
The Regeneron Science Talent Search 2019 application is now open ( ! High school seniors across the United States are invited to share their original research projects and apply to the nation’s oldest and most prestigious STEM competition, where they could win up to $250,000.
Pre-School Edible Gardens
When a child is pre-school age, their brains are like sponges. Everything interests them. It is hard for busy parents to keep up with all the teachable moments. Working parents have their toddlers in daycare most of the time and parents try very hard to place them in environments that are dedicated to taking advantage of those teachable moments. “When I was a kid, I ate what was on the table!”
There are certainly many practical advantages of learning a second language, such as being able to communicate with people from different cultures in their native tongue. It also serves to open up career, academic and relationship opportunities that may otherwise have been closed. But increasingly it has been recognized that learning a second language at an early age may also give kids an edge academically. Not just as a skill to be put into practise, but it actually works to enhance the learning and cognitive ability of the child in many not so obvious ways.


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