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Change is Good! Part 2

Once again I rely on our customers when I write about change. Changing curriculums takes research, talking to other homeschool families and some trial and error.

Here is a link to a great podcast that we sponsored on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network about changing curriculum  Check it out.

Here is a snap shot of a few curriculums that are on Second Harvest’s catalog page.

Abeka has all grades and all subjects.  They offer Teacher editions, student text or workbooks, tests, quizzes and test & quiz keys.  You can buy separately or purchase kits from Abeka for the parent and/or student which give you everything you need.

Bob Jones also has all grades and all subjects, including some upper level electives such as Spanish, French and Family Life Skills.

Math U See is a self paced mastery program.  They provide an Instruction Pack which includes a DVD and Teacher Manual.  The student kit includes student work text and tests.  Manipulatives are a foundational part of the Math U See program.

Alpha Omega Lifepac includes all subjects for all grades also.  Each subject includes 10 student workbooks and teacher’s guide.  Some subjects have a DVD.

Rod & Staff and Pathways have all subjects up to 10th grade. These are Amish based curriculum used by many homeschoolers of all beliefs.

Apologia Science has awesome student text book that comes with a test/solution manual in the 7th & up grades.  Apologia in those grades is written so the student can teach themselves a lot of the time.  There are also companion cd’s that help with experiments, pronunciations and more. Course cd’s are the text book and test/solution on cds.

Some curriculums are more teacher intensive like Horizons, ASCI and Purposeful Design.  These have great teacher editions with a lot of information on how to teach the curriculum.

We have many more curriculums on our catalog page & will be adding more this spring.

Change is good!

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Lory Power & her husband Gary had the honor of homeschooling their youngest son Dylan Jr. high through graduation. With that experience Lory enjoys listening & sharing with homeschool moms about the joys & trials of homeschooling & finding good used homeschool curriculum.  Lory has worked for Second Harvest Curriculum since June 2010 & has owned Second Harvest Curriculum since January 2013.Their website address is